Thursday, April 14, 2005

3 Poems Andrew Peterson

American Chiaroscuro

bending matches
something melancholic in the cello
bowed angst

piano or-
gan chases out space around the house
some middle A-
-ican chiaroscur-

-o the porch light
bugs, the tick flower
into bloom:
blood, that stolen blood
spills from stamen
of dirt vein

opera glasses

woman with a drawn-on bow-tie / a shaky hand / grips her cane

conductor rests / the fugue fades / & over drawn-down

curtain / a sun-glass vision: / Kristina with glass of water

is this ambiguous / realism // life, with its cruel bees

growl / an approaching train / each engine to its own coal

all this mentioned / is useless / degrees in philosophy

pale words / thru the hotel wall: / such voices! / not even

a wrinkle / & such elegance: / dinner of wine / & waffles

ceilings / so low & ugly / she dreams of a kiss / on both sides


Enharmonics, we are other
profaned by each other's speech

With a the right quotes, remembrance
is eternal, approximated.

We wander, pleading, among
the chorus of zither-lute-piano

(everything) (moving) (a)

O Mother! Passers-by!
If we live forever: panic