Saturday, April 16, 2005

news Lesley Pleasant

swallowed by salt or patina

a path that leads to Rome on a footprint

copper in the snow stuck tree in ice

look: it’s just another case of your favorite nylon fiber porous pen

penning another colorcoat in the dryer circle

colored warmth that sieves away like skin cells.

unfound along sounds and eyelashes

silted fingernail shadows in an afternoon

you pass fountains

serving photo-ops and swirling tangents flags at halfmast

rollerblades that draw and quarter worms like so many headless squirrels

voices somewhere

jogging around reservoirs or llamas

bounding in a round of carousels that smack too bright

too short

the line between one step and the next

you could eisenhower

smile paint by numbers

tango precisely watch (blimpdrifting) above tennis courts

you could also


recycled? Yeah. And the weather forecast’s smudged

like all those napkins on the forest floor