Tuesday, July 12, 2005

3 Poems Lars Palm

we are approaching a brick
it is carefully selected
it sits fitted into a house-front
the street it looks out into is near a square
the square could be centrally situated
in the city it is central, in the poem uninteresting
nor do the city, the street or the house-front capture us
it is the brick we are after
we have now come so close to it that its structure is visible
we continue approaching
now we feel its surface
no air is between us & the brick
we now merge with it
now we are inside the brick
we are surprised

because the
thing has
no name

she has never
held it in
her hand

so you saw
the lights coming
on across the

strait & decided
to attend a
conference on

nuclear swans. well
maybe what we
need here is a

little more direct
sunlight. then
maybe our

polarities would
shift & not
drift so far out

to sea. see those
lights forming
what should have

been a discarded
symbol. & the
swans light up