Tuesday, July 12, 2005

4 Poems Benjamin Kroh

10% Tower

I was mailing seductions to a larger country. Dear ambassador, this is riot, this is a bridge when cars become easy. I was building any law to end the kingdom. This upended architecture is my departure is my memorial to Thursday to Saturday to August to December, a coal-candy tooth is a kiss and a curse is an empire is a door and a roof. I didn’t bother to stop rearranging. But hereafter, my castle – ten percent tower already spent.

from Matrioshka Brain Vs Jupiter Brain

O Astronauts, I apologize.
I don’t know how I missed you,
parking your trucks in my living room.
It is there, my friends, a beautiful sofa
and you, hatch-backing the phosphorous.
I would trade a world brain for a lapser proper,
but my Middle French is a witness against.
Your currency is a chemical in a crowd.
Verb me, verb thou.


Working backwards, I suspend to stranglers. The cold current provides, the therefore inspires. For us, a masked gasser we never get used to. This is one way abiding but like you said, an idle not exactly. You have one part, I have survive and sympathizers and one bad result. My mother’s mother’s official abductor begins to embellish. The universe is over. Surprised and cured completely, I sat up in bed. What happened when everyone rose to go? Re-infected, like you said. I don’t know any language but my own.

The Logicians

When he was methane and ammonia,
he could never break it

and in the hotels being arrested,
he studied touching and practiced floors.

He ruled out clarity, afflicted unmechanically,
serving his ceiling rather than the sky.

His last despair of bones and copper,
the need to use, the use in needing.

All the pressure gluts the crust
calling the mechanism to its rupture.

The needles on the face are telescopic, after his machine.