Tuesday, July 12, 2005

4 Poems Lisa Walsh

3 sonnets

Later feelings
Like lake clouds,
fingers caressing the
neck, will you come home
early for dinner that night
will you wear a silk tie?
Then, months pass, the
smell of after shave faded,
will the passion wax and wane
will an utterly beautiful
word appear before your
eyes and you whisper "hush!"
to the children to silence them
as if in church.

Large clouds you have managed
to spare even the
deepest crevices
from extinction.
I tip my hat to your
extravagance of beauty.
Life has a way of moving
silently under you
and last night by the moon
at a water's edge,
two larks sang a
love song as your sky
erupted with the rain you
were threatening all day.

In the tanglement
of birds and arteries
the powerful noises of
motors, weedwackers.
Lawn mowers. Power washers.
It's summer.
It's elastic moon
sometimes overgrown with clouds,
the sky often littered with tall
streaks of daylight's growing -
cumulus romulus -
not removed, but powdered
and faded away, not by the saints
clippers but by the suns burning rays.


handsome, will you remember me
someday? The moon was setting
above my desk; I watched the
sky. an orange ball creep
towards me, I said "Looky here"
you came to me we waited. forever.
handsome, I cried today as is
usual when pain comes in waves and
intervals, shifts and patterns,
soft voices,
10, 2, 4, 6
it's shocking. (mocking.)
I can only take so many opiates,
I can only take so much worry fluttering
above my head
2am, 3. This is the time I tell you.
My angel.
handsome, this is a time of consternation
I did not always know you
(need you)
but once I did I swooned and walked
up a hill with you, arm and arm
I made you laugh
grabbing your arm
and never
not ever
will I let go. handsome.
no one can make me stop
loving you. or telling you.
at night. mid. when silence
fills my room with blue light
and you are far far
away, yet here.