Monday, July 04, 2005

From Flashes Jennifer Firestone

This manmade from a mechanical part of time we were sitting on royalty that kept being obliterated. Shuffle to the music in the blank blank store push your silver cage to dry goods. Community holes have changed and this no longer one of them. Swipe the items home.

The shark arriving rains part, it is merely aquamarine it is merely mechanical. Studio effect.

Jump inside be like whale, metamorphosing was out. Eyes touched dead holes spooling harpooning, skinning. Meal of an evening.


Ready for the first hot juncture. Breach. You glide slide walk on by. Insinuating image in your fashionable walk. Conceal your eyes repeat repeat.


Should we say terror as in who’s at my door. What noise. Wings trimming sky. Tear. Terror. As in what a terror that stage actor and his new found mop. Automobiles with weapons in glove box all drive in first.

Barbarians, thieves, uneducated, uncivil why should pact be held for such sects. Need for new thinking in the law of war.


If you have an electronic ticket you can leave town did I say town. You can leave designation site to future destination.

He made a dollar more than them in a store that saves us bucks. Compliant or not it is what it is. The terror not so terrible when it’s screening everyday. I took the first flight home took the flying lesson to be profound about my own operation to own, leverage.