Thursday, January 26, 2006

2 Poems Evelyn Posamentier


snapshots have failed me
i'm forgetting what freedom means.

my medical records grind their teeth.
i fear i will never get off the train.

major acts of congress blur on the page.
more & more for sale signs appear on SUVs.

RFIDs, i love you.
i give you my brain, lesions & all.

the ending gives birth to me.
angels & ladders, ladders & angels.


FISA; foreign intelligence surveillance
act: in general terms my footing is tenuous.
i am asked to rebuild my credit
& this is only page 1 of 6 of the printout.
probable cause & palpable tremors
cannot stop the city, oh new garage
& jackhammer findings where the gas station
once was. what was superfund.
who will be invited to attend or ensure
that such discussion take place? minimize.
it erased every single email i had
in my box, that new program did.
the law specifies the findings
of the court must, the court must.
i keep going back to the message
as the ancients looked to the stars.

FISA deals with foreign powers & agents.
a determination as to probable cause.
i sent the premium in almost 3 weeks ago.
i had addresses but nothing else, nothing
saved. in order to issue an order
for electronic surveillance, the court
the court, the court must --
so please bear with me.
it specifies the findings the court must
should take into account
the reliability of any informant
where do you live?