Monday, January 23, 2006

6 Poems Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

Short fiction

The crucial diary
His dirty breath
All that fits into the sack
(so we stop here)
Self deflation flagellation, defection
Fragile as your happiness
The classes of society
"I don't think I'd know what to do with a girl if I fell over one"
He sees her laid out in a satin-lined coffin, in the same flowered housecoat
Of her usual sluttish makeup
Perhaps because he had already lived the scene
Out in his mind
Each black half note to perfection

And upstairs on the after deck

But never mind the accident, let us turn back again to the morning

That's what the people of Mariposa saw and felt that summer evening

Tom's Gift

The time it takes
to unwrap his gift
practically dead in the ocean staying
forever a girl we
used to shower together every evening
fondle each other in the dark before
the rest of the family wake the
ship comes in

Tom tried
to coax the horse into freezing water twice
before he slips the barrel into her
feeling her movements not
seeing her
the pivotal surge of power nearly too much
for him
after washing the smell
from his skin with castile soap


Animal husbandry marking
starker times

*the sad crippled fly in the ointment*
caught above

the inflated earth. better not to know what
signals the sounds intend

it is better not to
know what signals

is it better not
to know what
signals the sounds

is better without intentions, sounding

since I came to this place
forgetting why i came

since this place forgot signaling

forgot what you said
it forgot you
that's what

you said it forgot you

no i never said so

*the sad crippled fly is its ornament*

In general


*. . . wilt-
ing on
buses and trains with only the hint of a
tear upon close inspection, which
may not be noticeable given loud clothes
and buzzards circling overhead
wouldn't THAT...

as i was saying...(the rest is muffled)

when i was split in 2
used illegitimately

Viewer discretion advised

all signs pointing in your direction

a folding fan fondling you

the bride price in its automaticity

pressed up against the glass

clothes the woman closed the woman
also pass
and cheap hotels

Everybody needed a top
secret or narcissist of compelling power
serving generous helpings

to pose no additional threat

space astonishing outward...

In summation
of course we have not been authorized to do that
of course the wind stretches the land
of course hanging by the thread that loggers cut
of course fear painted on our face

yet demolition time fate of birds' rainwater
yet roof caves in as flowers
yet the walls are lost where they are do you know
yet i filtrate the mob

however the trees are placed
however do not ask me again
however i sign my name
however did you not hear me the last time

alas you walk towards the door
alas the animal trapped in the tunnel
alas we ate it w/shiny faces
alas plucking up the piece that flew away in the breeze

furthermore ran away with/out thinking
furthermore took my thought and hid it a broken suitcase in the attic
furthermore tongue mistep cannot find it
furthermore bar stool upon which beer is spilt

in sum log which you split stabbed you
in sum fire that you lit saved you
in sum no time for slogans
in sum the moon the one moody or just mad

Season's greetings

"voided meaning"
"holding her breast"
"an instrument for black stars"
"when i bloodied my head"
"which cannot be settled"
"though the right moment has not yet come"
"having formless grace"
"eyebrows fetid"
"to hide the"
"must wear their own faces"
"let's turn now to the videotape"
"the bearded man took me to the rodeo"
"hip hop vocal"
"matter without edge"
"they spin their nests"
"the females are screaming"
"the big animals are"
"bristling like porcupine quills..."
"touch me lightly!"
"the first one is not"
"lizard making its way across the wall over her head"
"...a close look at"